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Jacob and Shawn discuss dyslexia on their podcast.

Our Story

Quality dyslexic banter, where you want it, when you want it. Untied!

Shawn, a professor, and Jacob, a college graduate, talk about their educational experiences through the lens of their dyslexia in this casual podcast. Sometimes they are funny. Many times they laugh at their own jokes. Shawn often tells interesting stories from his life while Jacob asks sarcastic questions. Every podcast has bourbon featured except when Jacob observes Lent. The quality of the podcast improved dramatically when Lucas and Jacob G. joined the group.

We are Dyslexics Untied! You are not. 

Shawn Apostel is the co-host to the Dyslexics Untied Podcast

Host: Dr. Shawn Apostel

Assistant Professor of Communication, TEDx License Holder, Novice Polyglot (Spanish, German, Italian). Gave up on Hebrew, Ancient Greek, and Japanese. He also designs outdoor kitchens and standing desks for people of different sizes. Long story. His website has more info. 

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Jacob Schuhmann is the co-host to the dyslexics untied podcast

Host: Jacob Schuhmann

Business administration, develops processes that make his company a ton of money, Wolverine Expert (the Old World form of wolverines: the Gulo gulo gulo,) Obviously. Jacob is the one who wanted to start a podcast on this topic and organized the first TEDx core team at Bellarmine. 

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Lucas Rogers is the director of the dyslexics untied podcast

Director: Lucas Rogers

Director and Badass. Gets a lot of sass from the hosts. That's not fair, but they are bullies according to people on the internet. Also acts, creates videos, and consistently pleads with the hosts to have a theme before they begin the podcast. 

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Jacob Gagel.JPG

Video Pro: Jacob Gagel

Video Editing, Assistant

Director, Mythical Creatures Enthusiast, Screenwriter. Calls out the hosts when they are bullies. Also an expert in video production and cool things that kids do online like social media and stuff.

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Kristi Apostel is the grammar and spelling expert for the dyslexics untied podcast

Spellchecker: Kristi Apostel

Edits dissertations for a living. An expert in APA, MLA, and other things I can't remember. Also, keeps Shawn from exaggerating when he tells bizarre stories, and, if we are lucky, brings homemade baked goods to the production studio. Her website has more info. 

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Bridget Bard is the research expert for the dyslexics untied podcast

Research Guru: Bridget Bard

The coolest person on the podcast who looks things up when the hosts forget a name or some other fact--which happens often. Also hosted the podcast "Chutzpah." We need to pester her to create more content because it was freakin' interesting and insightful

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